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Portable Folding Potty Seat

Portable Folding Potty Seat

Reuse it mama!
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Any parent with littles knows that they will inevitably need to use the bathroom at the most inopportune times - like, when one parent has just walked into a store, or when you've just left a place with a bathroom and aren't interested in getting everyone unloaded again. More importantly, though, are those times when there's just no bathroom available- camping, long road trips, etc. This is perfect for all those scenarios!

You will no longer have to worry about taking your baby to narrow, unhygienic and unsafe restrooms, you can carry this foldable potty in your bag and use it wherever you are, at the park, at the restaurant, inside an airplane...everywhere!

It's cardboard made, it's funny, it's light, handy, eco-friendly and very comfortable.

Use a practical biodegradable bag every time your little one needs it, and throw it away right after. 

Great for everyday use, amazing for travelling.


  • Size: 24.5cm x 16cm x 13cm
  • Your order contains: 1 cardboard potty seat, 5 bags,1 storage bag
  • Free from harmful substances, such as PVC, BPA and phthalates
  • Suitable for all children up to the age of four


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